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By Frank Gordon Jr DDS
November 24, 2020
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Commonly called "root canal specialists," endodontists treat painful inflammation and infection in your tooth pulp. Your Flint, MI, endodontist, Dr. Frank Gordon can help you protect your smile with root canals and other procedures.

What do endodontists do?

Endodontists are dentists who have received several years of additional training in diseases and injuries that affect tooth pulp and roots. The soft pulp is located at the center of your tooth and contains nerves, tissues, and blood vessels. Although essential for tooth formation, the pulp can be removed during a root canal without affecting the function of your tooth.

Your endodontist can:

  • Diagnose the Source of Your Tooth Pain: Cavities aren't the only cause of tooth pain. Sometimes, pulp issues or small cracks or fractures in tooth roots may be responsible for pain in your teeth, face, neck, or head. Because pain isn't always felt in the affected tooth, finding the source of the problem requires specialized skills and extensive endodontics knowledge.
  • Treat Tooth Injuries: A blow to the face or a fall can knock out teeth or cause cracks in the roots. Endodontists reimplant knocked out teeth, stabilize loose teeth after accidents, and treat injuries that affect the roots or the pulp. Root canal therapy is often performed in addition to other treatments for injuries.
  • Offer Root Canal Therapy: Root canals end the pain caused by inflammation or infection in your pulp. If untreated the inflammation or infection will lead to the loss of your tooth. The procedure involves removing the pulp, cleaning the tooth, shaping and cleaning the root canals, and adding a rubber-based filling to the tooth to seal and restore it. In many cases, a dental crown is later added to the tooth to strengthen it.
  • Perform Endodontic Surgery: Surgery may be needed due to severe pain, debris in your roots, or pain after a previous root canal, cracks, the presence of cysts. It may also be needed if root canal therapy isn't an option because your canals are too small or impossible to reach with traditional root canal techniques.

A visit to your endodontist in Flint, MI, can help you avoid tooth loss. Call Dr. Frank Gordon at (810) 230-0990 to schedule your appointment.


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