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By Frank Gordon Jr DDS
March 25, 2021
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A few telltale tooth signs and symptoms could mean that you might need root canals. Your Flint, MI, endodontist and periodontist, Dr. Franklin Gordon, can help you determine if a root canal could help you.

How a root canal eases your pain

You'll need a root canal if the pulp deep inside your tooth becomes inflamed or infected. It's not always possible to figure out what caused an inflammation or infection, although they're more likely to occur if your tooth is severely decayed, you've had multiple dental procedures on the same tooth, the tooth is cracked or damaged, or you had a knocked-out tooth re-implanted.

During root canal therapy in the Flint office, your dentist removes your pulp from the interior of the tooth and the root canals that extend from the top of the tooth into the roots. After cleaning the tooth and using a file to shape the canals, you'll receive a temporary filling. The filling will be replaced with a permanent filling in about a week or two.

4 root canal signs and symptoms

You may need a root canal if:

  • You have tooth pain: Pain in a tooth is a common symptom if your tooth is inflamed or infected. You may notice that the pain worsens when you eat, particularly if you eat or drink hot, cold, or sugary foods and beverages. Pain can be constant or intermittent.
  • You feel terrible: You may feel a little sick if your tooth pain is due to a bacterial infection in the pulp called an abscess. Abscess symptoms can include fever, facial swelling, swollen lymph nodes, pus around your tooth, and severe, throbbing pain. Abscesses are dental emergencies and require immediate treatment to prevent the infection from spreading throughout your body.
  • Your gums are red: Red, swollen, painful gums can occur if you need a root canal.
  • Your tooth has changed color: Has your tooth become darker lately? Darkening may also be a sign of a problem inside your tooth pulp.

Root canals end your tooth pain! Call your endodontist and periodontist in Flint, MI, Dr. Franklin Gordon, at (810) 230-0990 to schedule your appointment.


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